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  • Our research and development of the automatic assembly machine in Ningbo customers online use
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  • Xiamen help public Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2009, is a young and full of the spirit of innovation of high-tech enterprises, the main business is engaged in plastic machinery and peripheral equipment sales and service work, and strive to develop with industry of high efficiency, energy saving technology and equipment. Company address is located in Xiamen torch high tech Industrial Development Zone (referred to as the "Xiamen torch hi tech Zone"). Xiamen Torch High tech Zone in 1990 by the State Science and Technology Commission and the people's Government of Xiamen City co founded, March 1991 was approved by the State Council as the first batch of state-level high-tech Industrial Development Zone, is the country's three to one of the "Torch" and the title of the National High Tech zone.